Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Additions to DeRoucheau Handmade!

The Colmar Clutch!

Now, for the past 2 weeks I have been OBSESSED with making these clutches. It started out with me not having a basic black clutch in the size and style that I wanted, and I wasn't finding anything in stores that I liked enough to spend my money on, So I figured I may as well make my own! I was originally going to sew one and make it out of really durable, medium weight canvas. Which I actually did, and it turned out nice and all, but I wanted something DIFFERENT. So I sat down one night and crocheted one! And then I feel in love. The process was so fulfilling, (this may be because I miss crocheting my scarves and now that scarf season is over I don't have anything to crochet!) but it was also the fact that I just started something and went with it. No pattern, no idea how I wanted it to turn out, not even an idea in my head. I just started it and went with it! 
Now..I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I really love these! They turned out better looking than I was expecting and I think they're just adorable! Haha 
So this weekend I am planning on adding more colors to my shop to accompany the Spring/Summer trends, of the bright neons and I will be adding more neutrals too, so there is a color choice for everyone!

What do you think?  



  1. I really love these! Especially the colour combo in the last pic x

    1. Thanks! The Linen & Eggplant color combo is one of my favorites! :)
      They are addicting to make as well, I have added a bunch of different color combos to my shop!

  2. Those are really cute!!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Love these! checking out your etsy store xx